Best H&M Gift Card – 2023

Where can I use my H&M Gift Card?

Where is it applicable? Any H&M and H&M HOME store can be used with your gift card in the country where it was purchased. You can pay in full or in part with your H&M Gift Card. Your gift card will be depleted of the amount applied toward your purchase, and the balance will be shown on your receipt.

How do I return a H&M Gift Card?

Please get in touch with Customer Service if you want to return the H&M Gift Cards. Once activated, H&M cannot be held responsible for damaged, lost, stolen, or inactivated H&M Gift Cards or Merchandise Cards. Treat your H&M Merchandise Cards and Gift Cards like cash.

Why can’t i use my gift card H&M?

The H&M Gift Card can be used until it is completely depleted. The H&M Gift Card is null and void and cannot be activated or used again if the card’s balance is zero for three months.

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